Camilla’s son demands the ‘right to protest’ for the coronation of King Charles, throws away the menu

Camilla’s son, Tom Parker Bowles, is giving his opinion on his mother’s upcoming coronation with her husband, King Charles.

The 48-year-old food critic was first referring to the “Not My King” protests that will take place on May 6 in the UK, the date of the coronation of monarchs.

“Everyone has the right to think what they want,” he told the News Agents podcast in a recent interview.

“Fortunately, we live in a free country,” Parker Bowles explained, adding that if citizens want to protest “they have the right to do so.”

He continued: “You are allowed to protest. We are all allowed to have different points of view and I think that makes it an interesting and civilized country.”

The author of “Let’s eat: Recipes from my kitchen notebook” also gave his two cents on whether it will be strange to see Camilla, 75, as queen.

“Not really, because she’s still my mother,” he said. “I believe change happens, but I don’t care what other people say.”

The culinary expert did not hesitate to skewer the coronation menu by sharing the worst possible ingredients.

Parker Bowles believes that spices like chili and garlic should not be included in the special day’s spread.

The author of the cookbook talked about his mother’s upcoming coronation.
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He noted that stinky seasonings like garlic “can make your breath smell.” He then she said that her mother is also not a fan of chili and that she “doesn’t like massive spices”.

“[If] you’re walking around and meeting a lot of people, I think you have to be a little careful not to excite your tummy too much,” the father-of-two advised.

A dish that will also be featured on the menu includes the coronation quiche. The decades-old fan-favorite Coronation Chicken may even be making a guest appearance.

Anti-monarchy activists stage a protest outside Westminster Abbey on March 13, 2023.
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Parker Bowles described the fowl entrée as “really awful” as he believes it is too old-fashioned to serve in modern times.

The origins of chicken food date back to 1953, when Queen Elizabeth was crowned sovereign. The roasted chicken dish features fresh curry powder.

“What happened over the years is that it became this horrible, pompous, sad, kind of sticky, yellow, horrible mess. I mean, underdone coronation chicken is appalling,” Parker Bowles said.

The “coronation quiche” is a dish that King Carlos and Camila personally chose to celebrate their coronations next month.

“And I think what started out as quite nice and probably quite exotic for the ’50s has now turned into something really horrible,” he said.

The cookbook writer added that while he was not involved in selecting the coronation menu, he praised Buckingham Palace executive chef Mark Flanagan for his culinary artistry.

“He is a very, very good chef. So I wouldn’t dare start telling him what to do,” Parker Bowles said.

tom parker bowles stretcher
The then-Prince Charles, his wife Camilla and their son Tom Parker Bowles were seen leaving Scott’s restaurant on September 7, 2016 in London, England.
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As for the quiche, the egg-filled delight is a mix of spinach, broad beans, cheese, and tarragon. The food was personally chosen by Charles, 74, and Camilla for the big event next month.

However, actual fans on Twitter were furious at the idea, shaking their heads “no” to frying the delicacy.

“#Coronation quiche? Is Charles serious? No person in his right mind chooses to eat quiche”, one angry person wrote.

another intervened: “The ‘coronation quiche’ looks absolutely bleak, so I guess it’s a fitting choice.”

The Post has reached out to Parker Bowles for comment.

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