NatWest CEO admits ‘serious mistake’ in discussing Farage’s bank accounts, but sticks to the job

NatWest’s embattled chief executive, Alison Rose, has admitted she was the source of a controversial BBC story about Nigel Farage’s bank accounts and issued a humiliating apology in a bid to save her job. Rose said he made a “serious error of judgement” in discussing Farage’s banking relationship with his exclusive private lender Coutts, in … Read more

The Guardian take on housebuilding: Michael Gove’s urban visions can’t erase his party’s record | Editorial

hHousing policy administered for decades to benefit developers and homeowners has created insecurity and inequality for everyone else. The number of privately renting households in England and Wales has risen enormously – from 1.9 million in 2001 to 5 million in 2021, while the home ownership rate has fallen to 62% from 64% a decade … Read more

Good profit margins, Unilever, but spare us the ‘share the pain’ gloss | Nils Pratley

Greed in action? Well, Unilever and its ilk certainly make more plausible corporate culprits than supermarkets. Last week, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) reported on the state of grocery retailing in inflationary times: in short, competition is alive and thriving, even if retailers should clarify their price tags. Average industry profits were down 40% … Read more

Jaguar Land Rover ‘will not slowly move towards electric’ even if UK delays ban on petrol cars to 2030

The Jaguar Land Rover boss has said the carmaker will not slow down its move to electric cars even if the UK government delays a 2030 ban on new petrol and diesel models. Adrian Mardell, chief executive of JLR, said the “company’s plans will remain the same” after Prime Minister Rishi Sunak failed to publicly … Read more

Ofgem to clamp down on rogue energy brokers ‘ripping off’ nursing homes and religious groups

Rogue energy brokers will be targeted by the industry’s regulator in a crackdown aimed at preventing small businesses from being ripped off by their heavy-handed tactics and high fees. Under proposed rules to be presented by Ofgem on Wednesday, energy providers would be forced to come clean about the billions in secret broker fees they … Read more

Sciensus license partially suspended after death of cancer patient

Britain’s health regulator has partially suspended the manufacturing license of Sciensus, a private company paid millions by the NHS to provide vital drugs, after the death of a cancer patient who received the wrong dose of chemotherapy. The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) said it had taken “immediate” action under regulation 28 of … Read more