Brownsville, Texas crash driver George Alvarez ‘shouted insults against immigrants’ – live

Seven dead, 12 injured in car crash outside migrant shelter in Brownsville, Texas

A witness to the car crash that killed eight people outside a Texas immigrant shelter says the driver made anti-immigrant remarks before members of the public pulled him over.

Suspect George Alvarez, 34, has been charged with eight counts of manslaughter and 10 counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after the Sunday morning incident.

Police say they are still investigating whether the crash was intentional, as well as the driver’s alleged comments.

Police previously revealed that Mr. Alvarez has a lengthy criminal history, including multiple counts of assault.

And shocking security camera footage shared by Texas Congressman Henry Cuellar showed the moment a gray Ranger Rover, traveling along North Minnesota Avenue toward Boca Chica Boulevard, crashed into the crowd outside the Centro Obispo. Enrique San Pedro Ozanam of the city.

The Venezuelan government has called for an investigation to determine whether the accident was deliberate and motivated by hate or xenophobia, after it emerged that several of the victims were from Venezuela.


Mourners and activists gather at the Brownsville crash site

A group of mourners and activists have gathered to demonstrate at the site of the Brownsville crash that left eight men dead and 10 others seriously injured.

The men, including several immigrants from Venezuela, were beaten when George Alvarez, 34, allegedly ran a red light and cut through the group waiting for a bus.

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A Venezuelan migrant who survived the accident is worried about the future of his family

from telemundo News obtained access to one of the victims struck and injured during the Brownsville crash that left eight dead and 10 seriously injured.

Gabriel Gallardo spoke with News from his hospital bed where he is recovering from the accident. His leg was severed after George Alvarez, the driver, allegedly struck him and more than a dozen other men waiting for a bus in Brownsville.

Gallardo said she left for the United States to try to build a future for her children, but now she fears her “dreams will be broken.”

”I came to look for a better future for my children and now it turns out that I have no legs. All my dreams have been broken,” she says in the interview.

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Man arrested for allegedly pointing a gun at the migrant center near the Brownsville crash site

A man has reportedly been arrested after he was seen pointing a gun at the Ozanam Center in Brownsville, Texas. Eight people, many immigrants, died just outside the center’s gates over the weekend after George Alvarez, 34, allegedly struck them with his car.

On Monday, a driver reportedly approached the gate of the migrant center with a gun and attempted to enter, prompting a lockdown. News Nation’s Ali Bradley was at the center when it happened and spoke to witnesses who said they saw a man in a blue car with a gun trying to ram the center’s gates with his vehicle.

Police later arrested a man matching the suspect’s description. He was charged with possession of marijuana. It is unclear if police found a weapon.

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What are the charges?

Suspect George Alvarez, 34, has been charged with eight counts of manslaughter and 10 counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after the Sunday morning incident.

Authorities announced the charges Monday.

More charges could be filed as investigators seek to determine whether or not the accident was intentional.

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Two days, three attacks, 18 dead: Texas reels after a weekend of terror

The state of Texas, from the Mexican border to the posh northern suburbs of Dallas, reeled Monday through unimaginable horror.

Traumatized shoppers gathered in Allen to reclaim vehicles at the mall where an active shooter on Saturday killed eight and wounded seven.

Officials in Brownsville were preparing to update the public after a driver struck a group of migrants waiting at a bus stop, again killing eight and injuring at least 10 Sunday morning.

And Dallas police detained a gunman who opened fire on a city light rail line Sunday afternoon, killing one person and wounding two.

the independent‘s Sheila Flynn reports on the Texas horror weekend:

Two days, three attacks, 18 dead: Texas recovers from horrifying weekend of violence

An active shooter attacked a shopping center near Dallas on Saturday afternoon, killing eight before he was shot dead by Allen police officers. The next morning, 570 miles to the south, a car plowed into a group of migrants waiting at a bus stop, killing eight more. Then eight hours later, a dispute on a Dallas Dart train led to another deadly shooting. Sheila Flynn reports on the weekend of carnage in Texas

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Greg Abbott shows off barbed wire fence in Brownsville, while ignoring immigrant deaths

Gov. Greg Abbott showed off a barbed wire fence in Brownsville Monday night while ignoring the death of eight immigrants in a terrifying accident a day earlier.

“This is something that Texas is doing to secure the border. This is the area near Brownsville where immigrants were crossing in large numbers a few days ago. Now we have it wired closed. Other areas will surface for crossing. We will also close them with wire. More to come,” she tweeted.

This comes after eight victims were killed when a man plowed into a crowd of migrants waiting at a bus stop in front of a migrant shelter on Sunday.

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George Alvarez’s criminal history revealed:

During a press conference Monday, police noted that George Alvarez has a long criminal record.

His prior charges include numerous assault charges, one count of aggravated assault, and additional charges for robbery, robbery, DUI, and resisting arrest.

He is currently being held on $3.6 million bail, according to CNN.

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LOOK: George Álvarez accused of involuntary manslaughter

Bus stop accident in Brownsville, Texas: Suspect, George Alvarez, charged with manslaughter

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ICYMI: Everything we know about George Alvarez

Police say Mr. Alvarez, 34, was well known to them thanks to a long list of previous criminal charges including assault, aggravated assault and resisting arrest.

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‘There is no protection for us’

A witness to the accident has delivered a challenging message to anyone who disparages undocumented immigrants.

The 29-year-old Venezuelan, who asked that his name not be published, told local broadcaster KIII that he was outside the shelter when the accident occurred and that his only reason for coming to the United States was to give his wife and son a better life.

“There is no protection for us,” the man said. “The people who come walking here are at the mercy of God…

“If you treat me badly because you think you are better than me, for whatever reason, you have a house, a job, a car, whatever, here you find a Venezuelan walking. You should show more empathy for us, and that goes for everyone.”

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