Bill Hader Sheds Some Light On Barry’s Latest Shocking Ending – /Film

Luckily for “Barry” fans, Bill Hader is always ready to share a few behind-the-scenes details and tidbits of information that let audiences know exactly what the series finale is. Simultaneously, Hader wants to give Barry some sort of redemption arc while he keeps harping on the fact that any real chance of happiness and fulfillment is impossible. Hader discussed the show’s dichotomy on The Ringer Prestige TV podcast and his carrot-and-stick approach to the characters:

“It’s the last season, what if we showed these guys, these characters, what if we showed them getting what they wanted?” What if we really showed them acting, acting? Because the idea of ​​acting is gone, but this idea of ​​playing a role so you can live with yourself and try to get a version of what you want, and can they hold on? That was an idea we had.”

Hader also confirms that there is a substantial time jump, saying how much time has passed in the fast forward. “So the end of episode 4 is an introduction to, yeah, fast forward 8 years.” Whether that 8-year jump is actually based in reality is up for debate, but Hader is asking an important question here: How long can Barry and Sally really play pretend? Can Barry turn off his killer instinct like a light switch or is he doomed to break character? Is Sally really ready to ditch the Hollywood trappings for a quiet life with Barry? In the fast-forward, two children are shown who surprisingly turn out to be Barry and Sally’s children. That is not a reality that seems viable or feasible in any way.

Barry doesn’t deserve that life and Hader knows it.

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