Bernie Sanders predicts a ‘crushing’ victory for Biden in 2024

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has said President Joe Biden will sail for re-election if he spends the next year and a half challenging corporate power and “delivering” with ordinary Americans of modest means.

Sanders, an independent who ran for president as a Democrat in the last two presidential elections, told CNN state of the union host Dana Bash that Biden needs to be “stronger on working class issues” than his future Republican opponent.

Democrats, he said, need to “make it clear that we believe in a government that represents everyone, not just a few, that stands up to the greed of the insurance companies, the drug companies, Wall Street, all the big interests.” of money and start delivering to the working class.”

“If you do that, I think Biden is going to win in a landslide,” he added.

Sanders also acknowledged that he and the president have “strong differences of opinion,” but stressed that voters will judge Biden on his record in next year’s election.

“When you put it all together, what you have to look at is, what does the candidate represent? What side are you on? Are they on the side of the billionaire class or are they on the side of the workers? she asked her.

He later said that for voters, “the choice is pretty clear and that choice is Biden.”

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