Barry Season 4 Episode 4 Review: Take a Leap – /Movie

Andrei and Batir praise Hank and promise him many riches now that the Chechens have re-established themselves in Los Angeles. “It will change,” says Batir, regarding Cristóbal, who is still not ready. Hank tries to get Cristobal to act hospitable, but it doesn’t work. “As long as you’re part of Hank’s family, you’re part of ours,” says Andrei. As he leaves, Hank tries to convince Christopher that this is the “only way that makes sense” for them to control Los Angeles. Christopher is mainly horrified by how Hank killed all the other men, having abused his trust. “The man I love would not have done something so ruthless,” says Cristóbal. This entire scene is outstanding, as it becomes increasingly clear to Cristóbal that the man he fell in love with is long gone: Hank, as much as anyone else on this show, is preoccupied with himself and unwilling to give up. look back at the terrible deeds you’ve done to get there. However, when Cristóbal decides to leave, Hank says that he “can’t leave” in a way that implies that Cristóbal’s departure would be for Cristobal to sign his death certificate. “It’s done. Go away,” Christopher says as Hank tearfully walks back to his house. And indeed, that’s Christopher signing his death certificate: a few seconds after Hank pulls himself together, one of the other Chechens opens the door, revealing that Hank’s lover lies dead next to his car. A good time for us to feel nostalgic for when Hank was so much funnier, because that guy definitely isn’t around anymore.

That night, Jim Moss watches over Sally’s apartment, but is currently napping. Though he wakes up when he hears her car pull up at her apartment complex, Jim decides to abandon the ghost when he realizes she’s alone and returns home, starting her engine to presumably drive off. . That is, I must say, not a smart move on Jim’s part. Look, presumably while he was napping, Barry snuck up on Jim. Who knows how or why Sally knows, but she just knows: when she walks into her apartment, she calls out our main character’s name, and Barry does show up, about as battered as when we saw him last week. pass. “Sally, I know this is crazy, but if I could just stay here…” Barry begins, before she cuts him off and says they should go. “…In fact?” he asks, and… yes, I think that’s a good question, Barry.

But before we can get an answer, the screen cuts to black as we cut to a fight between two kids in the middle of a field somewhere in the American heartland, recalling a flashback earlier this season when a young Barry met a young. Fuches for the first time. But none of these kids is Barry; one, John, is angry at being called a freak for not knowing “Call of Duty”, and is ordered by the other boy’s father to go home. And then John goes home, angrily grabbing a can of cold beer to soften the wound on his face, while his parents look on, a little confused. Who are his parents?

Well, it’s funny you ask: it’s Barry and Sally.

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