Health care providers sue Idaho AG over new guidance limiting out-of-state abortion referrals | CNN Politics

CNN — Health care providers in Idaho sued the state attorney general Wednesday after he wrote in a legal opinion that the state’s abortion ban prohibits medical providers from referring patients out of state for abortion services. Idaho Attorney General Raul Labrador, a Republican, said in a two-page letter last week that the state’s near-total … Read more

‘Bomb Rules’ recap: Sandoval says he ‘gets it’ as Schwartz talks about loving Raquel

Tom Sandoval totally understands why Tom Schwartz would be interested in Raquel Leviss; after all, they were having an “all-out affair” in secret at the time. On Wednesday’s episode of “Vanderpump Rules,” the two Toms were chatting at Brock Davies’ bachelor party when Schwartz told Sandoval that he finds Leviss “beautiful.” “I understand,” Sandoval responded … Read more

Joker 2 Production Is Wrapped And Lady Gaga’s Harley Quinn Looks Amazing – /Film

Gaga seems to fit quite comfortably into the world of “Joker” and I’m sure her version of the character will complement her own Mistah J. Margot Robbie perfectly played the same role in “The Suicide Squad” movies, but for these movies From “Elseworlds,” it’s pretty clear that Gunn and Safran want to keep a strict … Read more