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Ali Wong and Steven Yeun Condemn Their ‘Beef’ Co-Star’s ‘Extremely Disturbing’ Rape Story

Several of David Choe’s “Beef” co-stars are speaking out about the “disturbing” rape story he fabricated in 2014.

Executive producers and stars Ali Wong and Steven Yeun, along with creator Lee Sung Jin, issued a joint statement to Vanity Fair on Thursday, less than a week after Choe’s claims resurfaced.

“The story that David Choe invented nine years ago is undeniably hurtful and extremely disturbing. We do not condone this story in any way, and we understand why this has been so upsetting and triggering,” they told the outlet.

“We are aware that David has apologized in the past for making up this horrible story, and we have seen him work hard to get the mental health support he needed over the past decade to improve and learn from his mistakes.”

david choe in "Beef."
They called the “Beef” star’s comments “undeniably hurtful and extremely disturbing.”

Despite the show’s instant success, fans are now calling for a boycott after a clip on Choe’s now-defunct podcast “DVDASA” showed him joking about being a “successful rapist.”

In the 2014 episode titled “Erection Quest”, Choe discussed touching a masseuse without her consent and then forcing her to give him oral sex, which she refused.

He described the “rape behavior” in extreme detail, saying that “the thrill of possibly going to jail, you know, that’s what the boner quest accomplished.”

david choe.
Choe claimed that he invented the haunting story as an art form.
Outline from Getty Images for IMDb

However, shortly after the episode aired, Choe claimed that he made the whole thing up to “challenge” and “provoke” his audience.

He even said that “DVDASA”, which stands for “Double Vag, Double Anal, Sensitive Artist”, was just a “full extension of my art”.

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Steven Yeun as Danny, David Choe as Isaac in "Beef."
Many fans are calling for a boycott of the show amid backlash.

“I am not a rapist. I hate rapists, I think rapists should be raped and killed,” she added.

Aside from his role on the hit Netflix series, in which he plays ex-con Isaac Cho, the 47-year-old is best known for his art.

In fact, the graffiti artist made a whopping $200 million for designing all the murals at Facebook headquarters.



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