After Succession Season 4 Episode 6, Kendall may be on top, but Lukas’ presence looms – /Film

Kendall is manic and over-preparing for the Living+ presentation for most of the episode. We’ve seen Kendall in this mode before, and she’s always foreshadowed her crash and burn. However, just before the introduction, Roman backs down from introducing Kendall. This sobers the latter up, and that’s exactly what he needed.

Backed by a recording of Logan, Kendall gives the presentation with quiet confidence. She sticks to the script instead of making big changes (not “L to the OG” this time). She even adds a touch of emotion; Describing the value of “Living +,” Kendall notes that just one more year with Logan, to “say the unsaid,” she would be “invaluable.” Even Roman and Shiv seem surprised, if not completely impressed, by Kendall’s performance. Then Matsson, watching the performance, live tweets, “Doderick macht frei.”

What does this mean? “Arbeit Macht Frei” (“Work will make you free”) was the message above the gates of the Nazi concentration camps. As for Doderick, he is referring to Doderick the Dog, Mickey Mouse’s mascot from Waystar. In the “Succession” pilot, cousin Greg (Nicholas Braun) has a job as a costumed mascot of Doderick at a Waystar amusement park. “Living+” also includes a brief shot of a “Doderick and Friends” poster to subliminally prepare viewers for Matsson’s tweet.

Disparaging the Holocaust is exactly the sort of thing a technical nihilist like Matsson would do. How does Kendall respond?

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