Adele Reveals Why She Won’t Become An EGOT Winner

Becoming an EGOT winner is something most artists can only dream of… but for Adele, it’s very achievable.

The acronym stands for those who have won the four major awards in the Hollywood industry: an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony.

And while the British hitmaker earned her place at the top by winning an Emmy for her special “Adele: One Night Only,” 16 Grammy Awards, an Oscar for Best Original Song for “Skyfall,” she’s yet to win a Tony.

During the final segment of “Carpool Karaoke” on Monday, Adele gave her thoughts on why achieving ultimate EGOT status just isn’t in the cards for her.

Adele at the Grammys
Adele has a whopping 16 Grammy Awards to her credit, winning her most recent in February of this year.
Getty Images for the Recording Academy

“When we did the last Carpool, you were an Oscar winner, you were obviously a Grammy winner, then you won an Emmy for your TV special,” Corden told the “I Drink Wine” singer.

“Which means you’re one Tony Award away from EGOT. Now you have the EGO”.

The singer joked that she’s “always had an ego”, before explaining that winning a Tony will “never happen”.

Adele at the Oscars
The singer won an Oscar for best original song for “Skyfall” in 2013.
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Adele posing with her Emmy
Adele poses with her Emmy, which she won for her “Adele: One Night Only” special.

“I would never write a musical or anything like that because I hate musicals,” he revealed. “I hate musicals. I don’t think I’ve ever said how much I hate musicals.”

Noting that she “absolutely” respects the art form, Adele added: “I just don’t need to hear everything in a damn song all the time. I also think EGO suits me better.”

Elsewhere during the trip, the pair recalled Corden’s failed attempt to prank the singer.

After proudly declaring that “no one can pull a prank on me,” Adele had second thoughts when Corden decided to pull a big prank a few years ago.

Adele at The Late Late Show's Carpool Karaoke.
The singer admitted that she “hates musicals” and believes that becoming an EGOT winner is out of her league.
Adele and James Corden
The pair have been friends for years, and the singer revealed that she has known Corden since she was 19 years old.

“I set all this up, and to say it out loud now, it’s so ridiculous, that there was a wild bear on the loose and we had flown this animatronic bear from Canada,” said Corden, who got into the passenger seat. In this age.

The “Late Late Show” host explained that his team had arranged an interview with Adele in a house, where park rangers would later interrupt her by warning her that the bear was nearby.

Corden even got CBS News anchor Gayle King in on the prank by having her record a fake news segment about the missing bear, which would play in Adele’s makeup room.

Adele at The Late Late Show's Carpool Karaoke.
The couple got emotional during the final segment of James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke.

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However, the harmless prank quickly took a turn when someone on Adele’s team, unaware of the prank, saw one of the hidden cameras and told Adele, 34, which made her fear that she was being spying

After walking into a room covered in posters of herself and other Adele merchandise, the singer quickly confessed to feeling “uncomfortable.”

His response quickly made Corden and his team decide to end the joke.

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