A woman’s dentures get stuck in a birthday cake as she takes the first bite

What’s worse than getting a cake stuck in your teeth? Get your teeth stuck in the cake!

A woman proved that sweets really are bad for your teeth after her false teeth got stuck in a cake during a birthday celebration gone wrong.

The images of the tooth collapse currently have 65 million views on TikTok.

The clip, posted by user @moon_vf, begins innocently enough with an unidentified woman preparing to eat a colossal chocolate cake during what appears to be her birthday celebration.

However, when he tries to take a bite, his fake bites get stuck in the candy like a visual gag from a “Looney Toons” special.

Fortunately, the woman seemed to see the funny side of her melted tooth, as she could be seen laughing along with other revelers at the ridiculous faux pas.

If your dentures don’t fit right, you might be able to save yourself a trip to the dentist by making a bite mark mold in the cake.

The birthday girl enjoyed her own dental debacle.
TikTok @moon_vf

This isn’t the first time synthetic snacks have made eating paradoxically more difficult.

In a far less amusing incident in 2019, an 80-year-old man in China was hospitalized after he allegedly swallowed his dentures while eating pancakes.

“I ate two buns, then I wanted to eat a pancake,” the man, identified as Mr. Shang, recalled to local media. “While eating the pancake, I couldn’t find my dentures. I needed my teeth to eat the pancake but I couldn’t find them. I thought ‘Oh no. My teeth fell into my stomach.’”

She presented herself at the hospital, where doctors confirmed her diagnosis through scans and removed her dentures during a grueling two-hour operation.

Much less fortunate was a Chinese grandmother in Queens, New York, whose false teeth “chewed” into her esophagus after she accidentally swallowed them.

Unfortunately, the doctors were unable to detect the errant dentures until 10 days later. By this time, the poor lady had contracted a debilitating spinal infection and she ended up requiring 24-hour care.

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